Burglars, I have nothing of value

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Anyone who has watched Rogue Traders on telly will know of the tremendous efforts some people will make to secure a sale of some unnecessary object, but I find a new thing has arisen with telephone contacts.

I was recently pursued with efforts to sell me things like insurance.

One firm did at least leave their number on, it showed them to be in Leicester, but they announced a man would be calling in the evening to continue the sale with warnings of fire, burglary etc.

I sat in complete darkness, hoping the man would go away, but instead he kept ringing me which I ignored.

I was brave enough next time he rang to send him off with a flea in his ear.

The next time a young girl asked me if I had anything of value in the house, so I said if I had I certainly wouldn’t tell her.

Most times they don’t leave a telephone number, but it can be extremely awkward never answering.

My sister did this for some time as her husband was ill and it disturbed him, but it was extremely awkward for friends and family.

I think I might say next time that I have a huge tiara encrusted with diamonds and see how they react to that.

I did have a family diamond ring and when I had a break-in it was left on the floor, obviously of no value and I have since given it away to a deserving cause.

So I must warn any future burglars of my lack of anything saleable.

But I am still very annoyed at all these people trying to sell me insurance policies and warn others not to touch them with a bargepole.

Vera Percy