Burglars flee from tiny guard dog Jasmine

Jasmine  helped to catch thieves breaking in to her owner garage.
Jasmine helped to catch thieves breaking in to her owner garage.
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SUSPECTED burglars fled in terror from a South Yorkshire home after the family’s pint-size chihuahua-cross yapped at them.

The four-year-old pet, called Jasmine, became the tiniest guard dog around after sending raiders packing from John Hallett’s home in Briar Croft, Balby, Doncaster.

Jasmine growled at the two men, alerting Mr Hallett to the danger. His wife Sarah, and daughters Jessica, aged seven, and Alyssa, four, were at home.

Mr Hallett, a 32-year-old account manager, was woken up by the dog and chased the burglars. He was able to describe them to police.

He said: “Usually she’s not very intimidating, but something must have happened.

“Jasmine’s growling disturbed them. If it wasn’t for her waking us up, anything could have happened.

“She’s not a guard dog at all, at least it wasn’t intended she was going to be. But she protected her home. We all feel lucky to have her.

“My wife, Sarah, is frightened about the incident but I feel I need to protect my family, so it is the paranoia that keeps me awake. We now check and double-check doors together at night.”

Police are investigating the break-in, at about 4.30am on Sunday, March 6.

Police say a man aged 21 from Wheatley had been charged with burglary and remanded in custody.