Burglar who deliberately targeted flats of students

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A burglar targeted students and robbed from women’s handbags to get expensive items to sell for booze, a court heard.

Derrick Kerali got into one unlocked student flat in Broomhall near Sheffield University and stole an iPad, iPhone and laptop worth £950 while the occupant slept.

And after being given conditional bail by city magistrates for stealing a wallet and three mobiles from revellers at West Street Live, he returned to the scene of his first crime.

Kerali, 22, cased five floors of the building before entering another unlocked flat and taking a £450 Play Station 4 from a sleeping student. He was arrested after going back to Cash Converters on West Street where he had sold the stolen Play Station for £160.

Kerali, of William Street, Broomhall, admitted two burglaries.

He was jailed at Sheffield Crown Court for 26 months.

Recorder Abdul Iqbal told him: “You targeted those flats knowing there was property to steal.”