Burglar caught by girl, 13

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A BURGLAR who was disturbed by a 13-year-old school girl as she broke into the home of a Rotherham family has been jailed for two years and five months.

Kay Nixon, aged 34, from Brinsworth, Rotherham, was caught by the teenager when she returned to her home in Godric Drive, Brinsworth, after school on September 13.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Nixon got into the house by smashing a kitchen window and reaching in to steal the conservatory keys.

She was busy helping herself to jewellery when she was disturbed by the school girl and fled.

Luckily the girl’s dad was nearby and managed to catch and detain Nixon until the police arrived.

PC Alex Dorlin said: ”To enter a house and take items not belonging to her is bad enough, but for the family’s 13-year-old daughter to come home from school and find the offender in her house is just not right.

“People believe their loved ones and property are safe in their homes.

“A custodial sentence helps provide reassurance to the community that we will catch and punish offenders.

“She was intent on gaining entry and stealing, however, it is important for residents to remember to keep their homes secure at all times.

“Doors should be locked even when they are at home or in the garden and keys, mobile phones, laptops and handbags should be kept out of sight.”