Burgers back on menu at Sheffield schools

Lunchtime smiles:  An old favourite returns to the school canteen.
Lunchtime smiles: An old favourite returns to the school canteen.
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BURGERS are back on the menu at Sheffield schools.

The news comes after ‘rigorous’ testing revealed no trace of horse DNA at all.

Sheffield Council and school meals contractor Taylor Shaw took the decision to ban all processed meats from school dinners two weeks ago.

The move followed a public outcry over the national scandal about traces of horse meat being found in some beef products.

Thorough testing has since shown no traces of horse meat in any food – halal and non-halal - served to Sheffield’s school children.

As a result, it has now been decided that all burgers should be put back on the menu, though made from freshly-sourced local meat and prepared on site in school kitchens, where appropriate.

Coun Jackie Drayton, Sheffield Council’s cabinet member for children, said: “We have every confidence in our school meals contractors and their selected suppliers.

“But we take the safety of the young people in our schools very seriously.

“It’s great to be able to reassure parents that the meals served have maintained the high standards we all demand and will continue to do so.”

Peter McGrath, general manager of Taylor Shaw, added: “There is a national maximum level of prepared meat products that can be used on menus in schools bt the Sheffield specification is even stricter, which we test thoroughly and regularly.

“We have now made the decision to make all beef burgers on our menus from scratch by the catering teams in the schools.

“This instruction has already gone out to all our teams in Sheffield and beyond.”

The horse meat scandal hasn’t been bad news for everyone, however.

Since news of it broke last month, there has been a boom in sales for independent local butchers who sell fresh, locally-sourced meat.

Butcher John Galley, proprietor of Slattery’s stall in the Castle Market, says he has been rushed off his feet for weeks.

He said; “I can’t remember us being this busy it’s been incredible.

“It’s been like Christmas everyday for weeks,

“And I know it’s been the same for the other butchers down at the Castle Market too.

“Customers who come to us know exactly what they are getting and that’s always been important to us.

“People would sooner trust meat locally-sourced meat.”