Burger van moved after 28 years for safety reasons

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A Sheffield fast-food vendor moved from his usual football match day spot says his new location could spark ‘burger wars’.

Burger van man Martin Judge says the pitch outside the Leppings Lane end of Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough Stadium has been used by burger sellers for 28 years.

However, this season his license application has been turned down by Sheffield Council on safety grounds.

A council spokesman said: “The police objected to his licence being renewed because of fears over public safety.

“An alternative site has now been agreed.

However, Mr Judge says the decision to relocate him close to two existing pitches will cost him money in loss of trade and spark animosity with other traders.

He said the reason his application was turned down was that his van would interfere with CCTV cameras in the area.

But he says police vans that park up in the area cause more problems than his vehicle ever has.

Mr Judge said: “The committee chairman said that there should be no vehicles or traders on Leppings Lane at all.

“So why are they still allowing public vehicles on there along with coaches and police vehicles.

“My relocation to a place directly between two other traders will cause animosity and could lead to burger wars.”