Burden of brightness: Is your child’s full potential achieved at school?

Feature writer: Rachael Clegg.
Feature writer: Rachael Clegg.
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BURDEN of brightness is a feature we’re planning at The Star about parents of bright young children and whether schools do help them achieve their potential.

If you are such a parent, on a modest income and with a personal story to tell, feature writer Rachael Clegg wants to hear from you.

She’s looking at the extra sense of responsibility when parents discover their children are bright at a very young age.

Rachael is investigating whether South Yorkshire’s schools can live up to getting the best out of these children and what measures are in place to cater for them.

It has been reported that recent research showed some bright primary school children were leaving secondary school with barely a handful of GCSEs, in spite of their academic ability.

We’re keen to hear about your experiences and feelings about having bright children who attend South Yorkshire’s schools.

Anyone who can help should contact Rachael at rachael.clegg@sheffieldnewspapers.co.uk or call 0114 2767676 ext 3328.