Builder in Sheffield fire rescue drama

A house fire occurred in Woodseats House Road, Sheffield, yesterday morning.
A house fire occurred in Woodseats House Road, Sheffield, yesterday morning.
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A builder has been praised for helping to save two men and a woman trapped in a burning home in Sheffield.

The man was working near Woodseats House Road, Woodseats, when he spotted a blaze and heard cries for help yesterday, at about 9am.

He raced to the scene with a ladder to help the trapped trio escape from an upstairs bedroom window as the flames developed downstairs and smoke filled their home.

When firefighters arrived the occupants – two men and a woman, aged in their 20s – were already out.

The three were later taken to hospital after suffering from smoke inhalation.

They had escaped with a dog and six puppies, but another dog was still trapped inside along with a tank of tropical fish and a bearded dragon reptile, which firefighters rescued.

Watch manager Tony Allen, of Lowedges fire station, said the cause of the blaze was likely to have been an unattended candle, or discarded smoking materials.

He said there were no working smoke alarms in the property.

Mr Allen said: “When we received the first call we were told there were people reported inside, but when we arrived we found a builder who had been working nearby had put up a ladder to a bedroom window and helped the occupants out.

“It turns out they had been fast asleep when the fire broke out.

“One of them only realised something was wrong when he woke up and found the house really hot.

“They took refuge in a bedroom and managed to get a dog and six puppies out down the ladder before we arrived.

“We then went in to put the fire out and to rescue the other dog and a bearded dragon.

“There were no working fire alarms found in the property.

“If there had been the occupants would have been alerted to the fire earlier and may have been able to get out sooner.”

Damaged furniture, including a charred sofa, was left outside the property following the blaze.