Buffoons who wrecked roads

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Once again (Wednesday tea-time) we witnessed Sheffield’s traffic system brought to its knees by the mere breakdown of just one bus. But what should we expect from the buffoons who have wrecked this city’s network?

They’ve closed off so many roads that they now offer very little alternative routes for when a tram, bus or lorry breaks down. That’s why commuters suffer colossal disruption when one of these vehicles is rendered disabled.

Sheffield is the perfect example of how not to layout an efficient road configuration for a city of this size.

If it were up to me, I’d sack every single one of the bright sparks responsible for the havoc they have caused.

Peter Flynn

yet again First buses have caused chaos in Sheffield.

The excuse that First use is that an air tank developed a fault.

I told First about this same problem months back. All I got from First management was how good First’s record was and out of the high number of buses only a few broke down.

This same problem with an air tank, which is the control for the buses brakes, has happened to me three times on First buses.

How many more times do we have to put up with this problem before First listen to the public? Get them fixed.

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