BUDGET DAY: Thousands of Sheffield’s most vulnerable will ‘bear the brunt’ of budget cuts, fairness campaigners say

Professor Alan Walker of Our Fair City
Professor Alan Walker of Our Fair City
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The worse off will have to ‘bear the burden’ of continued cuts, those behind a campaign to make Sheffield a fairer city have said.

Our Fair City aims to raise awareness about inequality in Sheffield, call for action on what can be done to improve fairness and show what is being done to change things for the better.

Professor Alan Walker, chairman of the Sheffield Fairness Commission which set up the campaign, said cuts to tax credits and a reduction of the household benefits cap to £20,000 a year would make life more difficult for those struggling - and thousands of Sheffield people would be affected by welfare cuts.

He added: “The budget makes it even clearer that the worst-off will have to bear the burden of the Government’s continued cuts – especially those on low incomes, the majority of whom are in jobs.

“The £12bn cuts in social security come on top of the £21bn cuts this Chancellor has already made and the increase in VAT, both of which have targeted the poorest.

“This budget is opposed to the values of fairness and equality that the Our Fair City campaign stands for.

“We believe it is wrong that it will hit some of the most vulnerable people in Sheffield the hardest.”

He said the new national living wage promise undercutthe Living Wage Foundation’s recommendation of £7.85.”

Debbie Matthews, chief executive of the Manor and Castle Development Trust, said raising the income tax personal allowance to £12,500 a year would help those on the minimum wage but not the ‘thousands’ who worked less than 30 hours per week.