Budget cuts

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With reference to the comments of the reverend Dr Alan Billings in the Star, Thursday, April 2.

Dr Billings states that due to the budget cuts, Yorkshire police will have to find savings of £74.5 million. In the last eight years, 600 police officers have been axed in South Yorkshire. By 2020 police chiefs think they will only be 2000 officers left. May I ask, why it is necessary for a police force to shoulder the burden of such extremes of bureaucracy in the form of commissioned officers, their salaries and pensions etc?

Why do we need assistant chief constables, why do we need assistants to any rank, including assistants to assistants? If any commissioned rank is off work due to ill health, there are many commissioned officers of lower ranks to fill his or her job temporarily. In my opinion, at least six of the police ranks could be axed. This should also include all the commissioned ranks of the armed forces, army, navy and air. The army alone supports three ranks of general up to field marshal. The vast amount saving of salaries and pensions would put many more of front line personnel where we need them, on the front line.

In addition to these unnecessary bureaucrats who are draining the system, I would include those of the Town Hall and the gross number of MP’s.

EM Stokes