BT set to introduce a price hike for broadband and TV users

BT broadband and TV customers can expect to pay extra for their services from April 2 as BT announces price changes.
BT is putting its prices upBT is putting its prices up
BT is putting its prices up

The new pricing sees basic broadband customers become subject to a rise of £2 per month and all BT Infinity fibre customers will see a rise of £2.50 per month. Anytime calls are also up 49p to £8.99 a month.

Sports fans are not exempt from the price hikes either, as BT Sport will now charge £3.50 a month from next season for BT TV customers.

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According to broadband, TV and phone comparative website,, the price rises universally exceed current CPI inflation (1.6per cent) and in some cases many times over.

Commenting on the price rises, Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms expert at, said that the rise does therefore not reflect the rates of inflation.

He said: “This affects every one of BT’s customers to a lesser or greater extent and is in my opinion completely unjustified.

“These price hikes are absurd in contrast to current rates of inflation and, quite rightly. I would expect BT customers to be fuming.

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“Customers should remember that under current rules, in the event of a price hike, they have the right to switch out of their contract free of charge.

“As a BT customer you do get a vote in this – but it’s a vote with your feet.”

John Petter, chief executive of BT Consumer, said: “Customers will get a better package and improved service from us this year in exchange for paying a little more.

“Millions will have the chance to upgrade to faster broadband and almost a million will be able to upgrade to enjoy unlimited usage for no extra cost.

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“As usual, we’ve taken care of low income customers by freezing the price of BT Basic and capping call costs.

“We’ve also frozen line rental, which will particularly help customers who only take a traditional phone service from us.”

BT points out that it is not the only provider passing costs on to customers.

Sky put up TV prices by up to £72 a year in June 2016 and Virgin Media recently introduced their third price rise in the space of 12 months when they put up line rental by £1.01 in November.

TalkTalk also raised prices from November, 2016, hiking broadband, phone and TV packages by up to an extra £33 a year.