Brown facings are just faeces

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It’s enough to put you off your food...

That new Tesco rapidly eating up land betwixt Spital Hill and Savile Street. Yuk.

Who on earth agreed on its colour scheme?

The building is busily being clad in plastic panels of such vile hues, you feel nauseous just driving past it.

One can imagine how the planning application would have read: “We propose an amalgam of colours specifically chosen to “echo” the surrounding buildings.”

The planners must have fallen for the hype.

What we’ve got is a building which looks like it was inspired by the range of shades that every dog owner knows a pet can produce, pretty much on a weekly basis.

Diarrhoea caramel, the result of a tad too many leftovers; that’s there.

So is the regular brown which generally signals all is well and is roughly the shade of cheap cooking chocolate.

And then there’s the rather more worrying, ruby-tinged, bonfire toffee hue Fido only produces if something’s amiss, or he’s had a bit of beetroot.