Broken pledge

Nick Clegg has broken so many promises it's hardly worth recalling that he categorically promised not to raise VAT and attacked the Tories for planning it. The stark reality is that an average family will lose an extra £7.50 a week (£390 a year).

As always with a Tory tax rise, the poorest are hit hardest while the richest are let off. Facing such big rises, people will spend less and inflation will soar. Cuts to the public sector will harm the economy even more. The Coalition should rethink this disastrous VAT rise.

Coun Jack Scott, Arbourthorne

the coalition says VAT will not go on food. So we still pay the same for food as before the increase. Wrong. The price of diesel has gone up so will deliveries, hence the price goes up in the shops. Goods subject to VAT will go up three times, to cover haulage, VAT increase and to recover the price tags changes.

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