Broken hearts on the Mend

Sylvia White centre, with Katie White, left & Naomi Butler right
Sylvia White centre, with Katie White, left & Naomi Butler right
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MISSING your favourite boy band because the gig was cancelled is a tough lesson for a star-struck 17-year-old.

But losing £90 on tickets made it an expensive one too.

Katie White and her best friend were all a-bother as they got ready to see The Mend in Barnsley. And well they might, for the youngsters had paid £30 extra for VIP tickets which guaranteed them a meeting with the band, made famous on Britain’s Got Talent. Total: £90.

But on the day of the concert the band tweeted that it had been cancelled by the promoter. The girls are still waiting for a refund nearly a month later.

Sylvia White, Katie’s grandmother, paid for the tickets after ringing the promoter, Tony of Sports Media Promotions. She made an electronic transfer into his account – and that has proved to be their undoing.

She said: “He texted me saying a refund would be made. I spoke to him a fortnight later and he claimed to have done it. “

They haven’t received it

If Sylvia had paid by credit card, and it was over £100, she could have claimed the money back from the card company, under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. Electronic bank transfers offer no protection.


The Mend’s agent, Matt Wynter, said he wanted to organise something for the girls.

He said: “I will call them, I don’t agree with how this was handled.”

Meanwhile, Santander is investigating the transaction and is considering a goodwill gesture.