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Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron
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Looking at the Your Say letters it can be seen new voices want to be heard and it shows the state of our communities.

Cameron and Co seem to have turned communities inside out in their effort to nick money from the disadvantaged.

Perhaps they can explain why we need an elected mayor or why we have not got a powerful voice to help those like Cheryl Hammond, why should she be depressed? I haven’t noticed Cameron’s face or his Chancellor showing any sign of depression.

You do not need to be a scholar to understand his logic, we have raised the minimum wage, if you can find a job good start.

Perhaps someone can enlighten me on the new proposed campus for Sheffield University.

Have the council bought it back for £1, if so can we open libraries and help those who need help.

There is something missing in all this, I know it’s all the work that has been taken from our communities.

APB 13 has hit it on the head, we care about our communities that are being destroyed by government policies or lack of.

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