Brits so fearful of authority we accept almost anything

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May I congratulate the Freedom Riders on winning a partial success with their protests. Don’t people realise what these people have done is win something not just for themselves at this time but for everyone when they reach 60.

What is wrong with people in this country is that they are so fearful of authority they accept anything that is implemented however obviously wrong without question.

The Fire brigades are currently fighting an increase in their retirement age from 55 to 60 saying that physically at 60 they will not be able to run up and down ladders whilst rescuing people.

The same would apply to the police. Imagine at 60 having to chase and tackle a young thug in the street!

I think the French have it right we are not here that long and the quality of life is important.

A few years ago when the world financial crisis began the French government tried to raise their retirement age from 62 to 65 there were mass protests and the idea was dropped.

So the French retire at 62 on a higher pension than the British. Why can they retire earlier on better pensions because they are prepared to protest.

Just recently the French government passed a law saying that companies should not contact their employees after 6.00pm until the next days start of work as family time and rest time is important.

In this country it is like a badge of honour to say you were working at 11.00pm sending work related texts or emails or it says to your boss look at me I deserve keeping or even promoting.

Our quality of life is going down fast and people like this will not be happy until we are working 24/7 until 100 with no allowances in our pensionable years.


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