British patients being deprived

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Coalition threats of changes to the NHS followed by U-turns are a laugh.

They are merely playing for time until they and their millionaire friends have deposited their assets overseas or into the privatisation schemes they are suggesting.

But, even when you are wealthy it isn’t always possible to arrange private care in an emergency, as the Tories should have learned after the Brighton conference when casualties had to be taken to NHS hospitals.

Ministers in charge of the NHS, unless they have worked in the health service, have no idea of how shift change procedures can be interrupted in a matter of seconds if an emergency arises. It is hard to imagine.

Patients in the UK are being denied treatment and medication because of cut backs while the Government is pledging millions for overseas aid, at a level even higher than some of the bigger and richer countries.

My opinion is that the UK has become the welfare state of the world while the British are being deprived.

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