British Army’s urge to residents to sign up

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The British Army has launched a new national recruitment campaign to inspire people from Sheffield to consider an Army career.

Recent figures revealed that 82 per cent of adults in Sheffield believe it’s important to actively contribute towards a worthwhile cause, and 41 per cent of people in the area want to do more in 2017 to help others and make their communities better places to live.

The Army’s new campaign came to Meadowhall this month to urge locals to take their ambitions to do more for good causes to the next level.

A spokesman for the campaign said: “We’re encouraging people to sign up for adventure and travel opportunities to achieve worthwhile things that are unthinkable on their own.

The British Army has supported humanitarian missions in many countries, such as Sierra Leone and regularly supports the UK by providing emergency response assistance, for example by helping victims of flooding.

“The British Army’s research also shows that, as well as wanting to do more for others, the top things people from Sheffield want to do in 2017 are travel more (50 per cent) and get fitter (36 per cent), which ties in well with Army goals.”