Britain's Got Talent plan for Doncaster Dance group

For Emma Randerson, it was as busy as things get for a dance teacher

Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 9:19 am
Members of the High School Musical cast from the SV Dance production at Cast, in Doncaster. Submitted picture by Marie Caley

The Saturday night saw her and a team of her pupils trek down to London to compete in a national competition. Returning back to Conisbrough in the early hours, she and her teachers then had to get up early the next day to prepare for their first ever show at Doncaster's Cast theatre.

It was pretty much as hectic as things have got for 31-year-old Emma since her school, SV Dance, took over a former music and photography studio on Low Road, Conisbrough six years ago.

Members of the High School Musical cast from the SV Dance production at Cast, in Doncaster. Submitted picture by Marie Caley

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She said: "We had applied to take part in Teen Star, which is a national competition with regional heats. We went for heats in Dewsbury and got through those, and that led to us having another heat. When we got through that as well it meant that we were in the final on the Saturday night, July 14.

"We were in the 14 to 19 category, and our team, which we call DN12, was picked as the winner for their routine, based on the film The Greatest Showman.

"But we had our show at Cast the next day - we were doing High School Musical Two at Cast on the Sunday. The auditions for the Teen Star had been earlier in the year, and we didn't know that we'd be taking part in a final in London the day before the Cast show at the stage."

"The dancers didn't have to be at the theatre until 12noon, and I think they got by on adrenaline.

"We had to be at Cast by 10am, and had a massive van we had to load with props before that. It was a crazy weekend, but it was brilliant."

There were 70 taking part in the Cast show.

It was the biggest show that the school has done since it was first set up in a room in the Ivanhoe Centre in 2005.

In 2012, Emma bought the studio, which was then known as Fern Studio. She had around 65 pupils at the time.

Now the studio is has around 180 pupils across its age groups for the different dancing classes, plus around 60 more coming for fitness classes.

It also now has three teachers, with Emma joined by Kerry Robinson, aged 31, her childhood friend from growing up on Brock Road, Conisbrough, and Lauren McQueen, aged 19, who was one of her first pupils when she set up at the Ivanhoe Centre.

Most of the pupils come from Conisbrough, although some come from Barnsley and Rotherham.

They perform at community galas, and recently took part in the Conisbrough Music Festival.

Traditionally, they have held an annual show at the Dearne Playhouse. but this year Emma decided to step up to the professional stage at Cast.

The main stage at Cast holds 600 - the school managed to sell 360. Their previous shows had been to around 200.

"Cast is not cheap, but it was amazing," said Laura. "It was like going out for the night for the families. It was a real experience for everyone. I think some smaller groups struggle to hire it though. We did this on the basis of selling enough tickets to break even."

Now Emma is looking at another big performance from the dancers.

In the past the group has auditioned for the television show Britain's Got Talent. They have never made the live shows.

But in 2014 they did get three 'yes' votes, when they made the shortlist after winning the approval of Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon. But they were not selected for the live heats.

"We've got all new teams now," said Emma. "We've not given them a shot at it yet.

"Especially after winning the Teen Star competition, we're now thinking we might just do it with the new team."