Britain: Daniel so right

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Letters to The Editor
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Daniel Gage (December 18) you are so right about your thoughts on immigration and how this once great country has been allowed to change beyond all recognition.

Past and present politicians should hang their heads in shame to have allowed the disgraceful way that our country has been surrendered to all and sundry.

I have lived the best years of my life, but I really fear for the future of my grandsons and the rest of their generation.

They have part-time jobs at present but because of the mass influx of cheap labour the hope that they will get decent full-time work is just a pipe dream.

The politicians sit in their ivory towers, counting their millions, and have no idea of the struggles that the indigenous people have to endure because of the insane policies that they are piling upon us.

As a parting shot I must suggest that Royal Marine Sergeant Blackman should be given a pardon and that Blair be placed in the vacated cell and charged with war crimes.

Roy Wigfield