Bring out your rubbish days

Mick Daniels

Friday, 5th October 2018, 7:10 am
Updated Friday, 5th October 2018, 7:18 am

Chair Brushes TARA

Praise where praise is due.

I would like to thank Veolia's workers for all the hard work they did on the Brushes Estate Firth Park on Thursday, September 27.

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We, (Brushes Tenants & Residents), have been trying to arrange this Bring out Your Rubbish Day from March. (Last year's money).

After a few hiccups along the way we managed it.

We were astounded at the amount of rubbish that was put out.

I think Veolia was as well as they had to send for another wagon.

Obvious people have been hoarding rubbish, (encouraging vermin which we have a lot of), is this because people can't get to dump it sites to dispose of it or are not capable of doing it.

Can the council, (instead of trying to pull each other down to get brownie points), do something about it and work with the different groups, (TARAS on about 50% of council estates and council officers Housing+ work on all council estates), on the estates to get this rubbish moved.

Could cut down on fly tips which we have our fair amount of and people knowing we will be having a regular BOYRD might not fly tip, ( Win win situation).

They could use the money that they must get for allowing all these student accommodations buildings been built.

They always manage to shift the students rubbish year after year so why not move a bit closer to home and look at a way at helping their own out.

I will let you know what tonnage was collected when l get the figures.

ALL Local Councillors please note and let's all try to work together.