Brightening up Chapeltown

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I would like to echo the sentiments of Geoff Evans (June 25) regarding Chapeltown.

Two local groups in particular stand out for the fantastic work they have done.

Firstly, the Friends of Chapeltown Park, who for many years have campaigned for a new playground. It will soon be open. I am looking forward to taking my granddaughter to enjoy the facilities. This playground is a testament to the hard work by the friends group and would not have been possible without their determination.

Secondly, as you walk round the centre of Chapeltown, you notice that it has been transformed by planters full of bright flowers prepared by the Chapeltown in-bloom group. Only formed a little over a year ago, it has made such a big improvement.

Well done and thank you to all the volunteers who give up their own time to help improve our local area for the enjoyment of everyone.

Colin Taylor, Liberal Democrat councillor, East Ecclesfield.