Bridleway plans controversy

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PLANS for a new section of bridleway along a disused rail line in Sheffield are to be considered by the Government for approval.

Sheffield Council’s west and north planning board gave its backing to the scheme through the Blackburn Valley in May.

But it is not allowed to formally approve plans for a right of way if there are formal objections.

Objections have come from MHH Contracting Limited, which owns part of the land, and Alan Kind, a member of the public unhappy because the right of way order bans motor vehicles - and adjoining landowners need to be able to drive across the route.

Sheffield Council has received five letters of support for the bridleway, mainly from rambling groups. The bridleway would run from Butterthwaite Lane to Loicher Lane. The council planning board is being asked to vary the right of way to take into account Mr Kind’s concerns.

The Government may decide whether to approve the bridleway based on ‘written submissions’ or it could order a public inquiry to consider the objections.