Bride-to-be Anna’s boxed herself slim

Anna Currier and fiancee Mark Price... Anna has lost over 6 stone after Mark proposed
Anna Currier and fiancee Mark Price... Anna has lost over 6 stone after Mark proposed
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A PROPOSAL from her boyfriend prompted super slimmer Anna Currier to shed a whopping six-and-a-half stone - and now wedding bells are in the air.

The podiatrist, aged 31, has spilled the secrets of how she went down eight dress sizes, hoping to inspire others wanting to lose weight.

Anna made a commitment to getting healthier last January after her partner of nine years, Mark Price, aged 33, popped the question.

She started off by joining Weight Watchers and took to a combination of pounding punchbags and pavements, plus regular games of hockey, to get lean and trim.

Anna, of Meredith Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield, said: “I lost three stone through Weight Watchers, then started training at Sheffield Boxing Centre in Hillsborough in July to improve my fitness. Initially it was once a week, now I go twice.

“Coupled with going running and games of hockey with friends at Goodwin Sports Centre, I lost a further three-and-a-half stone.

“Mark popped the question in January last year, at my 30th birthday in front of all of my friends. That’s what spurred me on.

“I have gone down from a size 22 to a size 14 and am now almost a 12.”

Anna said her diet has ‘not changed a huge amount’ but she has learned to cut down on portion sizes and certain types of food and drink.

“One particular thing for me was cutting down on wine!” she said. “People don’t realise how many calories there are in drink. I also went for lower calorie spreads and reduced my intake of carbohydrates.”

Anna said she would encourage other slimmers to try her type of exercise programme as an alternative to going to an ordinary gym because she finds it much easier to get motivated.

“In the boxing gym there are loads of you training at the same time which encourages you to try harder, and hockey is a team game so it’s fun.

“The only thing I do on my own is running, which is hard work but a case of mind over matter.”

Anna and Mark, who works for a wine company, are now planning their wedding this summer, at Bradfield Church followed by a reception at the village hall.

Anna is now in the process of getting fitted for her wedding dress.

But she has pledged to keep up the good work.

“I’ll still be training. I know other people who have found it difficult to lose weight. Hopefully what I’ve done will inspire them,” she added.