Brickie’s payout

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A BRICKLAYER who broke his wrist when he fell from faulty scaffolding at a Sheffield building site has reached an out-of-court settlement for compensation.

Terence Gleadall, 59, was working at the former Middlewood Hospital when he fell and broke his wrist. The platform he had been standing on, boards on trestle supports, collapsed beneath him.

Redrow Homes has agreed to compensate him.

Brendan Lowe, litigation executive with Russell Jones and Walker solicitors, said: “Mr Gleadall was a highly experienced, self-employed bricklayer who was used to working on a variety of different sites.

“But for this particular job the trestles he was provided with to work on were unsuitable and unstable, and this led to a foreseeable risk of injury.

“His accident left him with a broken wrist that required an operation to fix and he still has restricted movement.”

Mr Gleadall, who lives in Mexborough, said: “Nobody expects to go to work and get injured and I’ve been working on sites since I was 17. People complain about Health and Safety but you need it to stay safe.”