Brick yobs could kill in Sheffield

Parkway footbridge
Parkway footbridge
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YOBS are ‘putting lives at risk’ by throwing bricks and stones from bridges to smash onto cars travelling along the Sheffield Parkway below.

Police have received calls from worried drivers after missiles were thrown from footbridges onto unsuspecting motorists’ vehicles travelling on the busy dual carriageway.

Hundreds of pounds’ worth of damage was caused to a car in the latest incident - but officers say it is ‘lucky’ no-one so far has been seriously hurt.

Insp Paul Ferguson, from Attercliffe police station, told The Star: “The danger to motorists is massive.

“People are driving along, minding their own business, and out of the blue an object is dropped onto the windscreen or near the car and people’s obvious reaction is to swerve or slam the brakes on.

“So far we’ve been very lucky - people have been shaken but we’ve avoided a serious accident.

“But it is very serious - it’s no exaggeration to say the people doing this are putting lives at risk.”

Incidents have occurred at footbridges leading to the Manor and Handsworth, and the latest was at a bridge at the junction with Prince of Wales Road.

Officers are leading patrols, and speaking to young people about the dangers and implications of such actions.

Rysz Szumski, a development worker at Woodthorpe Development Trust, who works with young people on Woodthorpe and the Manor estate, said: “This is really irresponsible and dangerous and could put lives at risk.

“Those responsible should think of the potential consequences of their actions.

“We work with young people from the Manor and, as part of our sessions, we make sure young people are acting responsibly and make them aware of any concerns locally, such as this.”

Police are appealing for anyone who sees youths dropping items on to roads to dial 999 immediately - and for anyone with information about past incidents to get in touch.

Ecclesfield driver Len Hadfield, a member of Sheffield Motorists’ Forum, said: “This is very dangerous. A few years ago a lady was killed by somebody dropping a stone on her car.

“You can’t take evasive action, especially if you are in traffic and might not even see it happen.”

Anybody with information about the latest incident last Wednesday is urged to call South Yorkshire Police quoting incident number 992 of August 1. If a crime is in progress dial 999.