Brexit Party says Remembrance Day vandalism on Doncaster HQ was latest in series of attacks

A graffiti attack on the newly-opened Doncaster headquarters of the Brexit Party is the latest in a string of ‘attacks, threats and intimidation,' a spokesman has said.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 11th November 2019, 5:48 pm

Anti-Brexit slogans including ‘immigrants welcome’ and “Doncaster people want a people’s vote’ were sprayed on the exterior of the building, next door to the Earl of Doncaster Hotel, yesterday, according to the party.

Nigel Farage’s party opened the office just last week, on Bonfire Night, with ‘Guy Fawkes’ performing the opening ceremony.

Another slogan suggested the Brexit Party is being funded by Russia, in reference to allegations the party is being backed by Russian donors.

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The Brexit Party HQ has been daubed with anti-Brexit graffiti.

Now the party’s three prospective parliamentary candidates have issued a joint statement condemning the attacks.

Andrew Stewart, Paul Whitehurst and Surjit Singh Duhre said:

“During the weekend, given the devastation caused by flooding in many parts of the borough, we placed our campaigning activities on hold, rolled up our sleeves and stepped in to help people living in Bentley with the flood relief efforts.

“Yesterday we welcomed veterans and their families to a special event at our office where we served hot drinks and snacks following a very cold day of remembrance at the war memorial.

“On a day when the people of Doncaster came together to remember those who bravely fought for our freedom and liberty during past conflicts, our new office was damaged during the evening by senseless individuals who appear to advocate the politics of delay and frustration which has undermined the Brexit process for much of the past three years, ignoring the demands of 17.4 million people who voted in favour of leaving the European Union.

“It is the latest incident in a series of attacks, threats and intimidation which has seen personal belongings damaged, stolen and even compromised.

“We are determined not to let the radicals purporting this type of behaviour win and we would encourage all parties standing in the forthcoming election to condemn this sort of nonsensical behaviour.

“We came together to ensure the views of the majority of the people of Doncaster, who voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union in 2016 are honoured. For the record, we are happy to clarify that the office has been funded personally by all three candidates.

“The Brexit Party is far from an anti-immigration party, we are a broad church which boasts the most diverse range of MEPs within the European Parliament and as candidates for Doncaster, we reflect and celebrate this diversity: Andrew is descended from the first Windrush generation and Surjit has an Indian heritage.

“In a post-Brexit society we would like to afford the same opportunity to invite people into our country to fill skills shortages within the regional and national economy – just as our American, Canadian and Australian friends do: something which is very different to the open borders policy imposed upon on us at present by the EU.

“We are an outward looking party which believes Doncaster deserves better and we would like to assure the many thousands of Brexit supporters in Doncaster that we won’t back down and pander to this form of intimidation and harassment. It has given us more resolve to makes us stronger and more determined to win.”