‘Brewing up’ for chari-tea

Dad Andy and Zach Blackburn, from Chesterfield
Dad Andy and Zach Blackburn, from Chesterfield
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There is nothing a good cup of tea cannot fix – something which one North Derbyshire couple are strong believers in.

Andy Blackburn and Tricy Isherwoodwill be boiling the kettle and serving chocolate buns for their family and friends when they host a Big Chocolate Tea Party later this month.

Tricy and Zach Blackburn, from Chesterfield

Tricy and Zach Blackburn, from Chesterfield

The party will raise vital cash for national charity The Sick Children’s Trust, which supported the pair during a difficult month in which their son, Zach, was hospitalised in Sheffield.

Zach has a benign brain tumour, hydrocephalus – where there is a build-up of fluid on the brain – and autism.

He was admitted to Sheffield Children’s Hospital just before his third birthday with complications of his conditions.

During that time, his parents, of Bock Lane, Glapwell, were able to stay nearby, living in Treetop House, a ‘home from home’ provided by the charity.

Mum Tricy said: “Staying at Treetop meant Andy and I could take turns to get rest at the house while the other stayed on the ward with Zach. The house had everything we could need. It made all the difference being able to take visiting family members back there for a quiet cup of tea and a chat.

“It also gave us somewhere private to break down and have a cry when things got tough, rather than sitting in the hospital canteen sobbing.

“Treetop House helped make an incredibly difficult situation a lot easier and we see the value of having this wonderful facility available to other familes.”

It costs £28 to accommodate a family for one night in the charity’s Home from Home accommodation and the charity can accommodate up to 3,500 families each year.

n Visit sickchildrenstrust.org/bigchoctea to register to host a Big Chocolate Tea Party.