BrewDog to give free beer to anyone in Sheffield who votes in the General Election

Sheffield voters heading out to the polls on Thursday will be in line for a free pint thanks to an ingenious offer from BrewDog.

Tuesday, 6th June 2017, 9:23 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th June 2017, 9:26 am
Voters outside a bar - Credit: BrewDog

With a pivotal general election looming on Thursday, June 8, BrewDog are determined to make sure as many people head out to the polls as possible.

The company said that is so important that "everyone exercises their right to vote" that they will be giving away a free pint to all who do.

BrewGov Poll - Credit: BrewDog

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In a statement, BrewDog said that to claim a free pint on Punk IPA "just take a selfie outside your polling station" and show the snap at any UK BrewDog bar.

Voters in Sheffield can find their nearest BrewDog bar on Devonshire Street.

The offer stands from Thursday, June 8 and voters can still redeem their free pint on Friday.

BrewDog said for anyone with a postal vote, simply show the email confirmation of signing up to vote by post to the bar to claim the free pint.

BrewGov Poll - Credit: BrewDog

The company will also be running an alternative election poll, hoping to enhance the accuracy of results by offering participants free beer.

A statement from BrewDog said: "Following a series of recent political shocks in which established and recognised opinion polls failed to accurately predict the outcome, we hope to garner a more open response from those taking part by putting a can of Punk IPA in their hand.

"From Monday to Wednesday, we’ll be taking to the streets across the UK to ask the general public who will be getting their vote on the 8th.

"The twist? We only want to know which way you’re voting after you’ve sipped a fresh can of Punk IPA.

"e’ll also conduct our research outside Polling stations up and down the country on the 8th, and will be releasing our findings with the world’s first beer-fuelled exit poll. Just call us BrewGov.