Brendan’s interesting tribute to Blunket

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It was interesting to read Brendan Ingle’s tribute to retiring MP David Blunket recently in the The Star in relation to his good deeds.

However, David Blunket,must be judged on his politics as well. He was the MP for areas such as Page Hall, Grimesthorpe and Brightside, one of which he described recently as a “ticking timebomb”. The areas have deteriorated, under his watch, and are now virtual ghettos.

David started out well, but then he was attracted by the New Labour project and it was all downhill from there. He had to resign several times but kept being invited back by Tony Blair.

David also played a pivotal role in immigration policy and as Home Secretary introduced policies that are dividing the country now. More recently he has admitted that this was a mistake.

He said on Newsnight in 2003: “There is no obvious limit to the number of immigrants who could settle in the UK”.

On a more personal level I have written to Mr Blunket, as my MP, several times when problems arose with public bodies. He just replied parroting what the said organisation had already said to me and didn’t really do anything. After one of these instances, I wrote to him again, where I proved that an organisation was wilfully negligent.

I enquired why he just repeated what they had said without investigation.

He didn’t reply.

Frank Sidney