Breath of fresh air

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I just wanted to say what a breath of fresh air Ron Clayton’s column, The battle this city has lost, was on March 18.

My penniless friend on the Langsett estate, only five minutes walk from the abandoned pigeon loft Ron mentions, often laments the failure of the Veolia contractors to empty the blue bins on large parts of the estate.

As if the move to fortnightly collections wasn’t bad enough, four and six weeks routinely go by between blue bin collections.

New Labour should be renamed Sad Labour for its failure to hold its private operators accountable.

S Rawlins

Wolfe Road, Foxhill, S6

At long last

At long last, about three months or could be longer, of numerous phone calls and e-mails, the bit of green space opposite the church on Upwell Street, has been cleared. At least one grot spot cleared but why should it take so long?

Mick D

by email