Breast feed without worrying

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Because of all the disputes going around regarding breastfeeding I would like to point out an Ask the Expert article which was printed in the Star on July 1, 2010.

The question was, what are my rights when feeding in a public place?

The answer from Rosie Dodds, NCT senior public policy officer was: “The equality Act 2010 makes it clear that breastfeeding mothers are protected from discrimination in Britain, although it doesn’t cover Northern Ireland.

“There is already protection under discrimination law.

“Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of this, so the new act which comes into force in the autumn, strengthens and clarifies the legal position.

“The Act says a woman can’t be treated unfavourably because she’s breastfeeding, and it applies to anyone providing services, benefits, facilities and premises to the public.

“This means that a café owner or job centre can’t ask you to stop breastfeeding or refuse to serve you .

!There’s no age restriction – the law protects mothers for as long as they continue breastfeeding.

“The NCT lobbied for these rights, so mothers can breastfeed without worry-ing.”

Janet Sheppard