BREAKING: South Yorkshire man hit with hammer, slashed with machete and throttled in armed raid

Gareth Bouse
Gareth Bouse
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A man's arm and finger were almost severed in a terrifying armed raid in which his attackers struck him over the head with a hammer and tried to strangle him.

Gareth Bouse, aged 24, was in bed when three men broke into his home in Princess Street, Woodlands, demanding cash.

One of the thugs struck him over his head with a hammer, pinned him to his bed and, with the help of an accomplice, attempted to chop one of his fingers off.

Gareth was repeatedly punched in his face and almost lost an arm when he was slashed with a machete, which went through the bone.

He was also throttled when one of the raiders said he had 'seen too much' during the raid in the early hours of yesterday.

The attackers, and a third man who ransacked the house downstairs, fled with around £400 and an Armani watch they ripped from Gareth's wrist.

Gareth, a trained telecoms engineer, was rushed to hospital and underwent emergency surgery on his arm to pin the bone.

It is feared he may lose his arm.

His mum, Sue Bouse, 48, said her son almost died in the attack.

"He was in bed when two men, one in a balaclava, came into his room asking where his money was. Then the next Gareth knew was that he was hit over the head with a hammer," she said.

"Gareth told them he didn't have any money but there was about £400 on the side which I gave him when my dog had pups, so they took that but then shouted downstairs to somebody else, telling them to search down there.

"They kept asking over and over again for his money, but he's a young lad in between jobs who lives day to day and he told them he didn't have any.

"They seemed absolutely ruthless and prepared to do anything. They tried to cut his finger off and then one of them went for him with a machete around his neck area, which caught Gareth's arm when he tried to defend himself. The blade went right through his bone, leaving his arm literally hanging off.

"As they left, the one in the balaclava said Gareth had seen too much so they tried to strangle him. I think they thought they had killed him."

Sue, who said Gareth's bedroom was like a 'murder scene', after the attack, added: "Gareth could have turned the machete back on the attackers when he was defending himself but he has been brought up right and didn't want to hurt another human being.

"How anyone can go to such lengths for a few hundreds pounds is beyond me. You tend to think people go this far when they raid mansions when people have millions, not for just a few hundred.

"I visited my son in intensive care on the night of the attack but it could easily have been a mortuary. This is every mother's worst nightmare.

"We need justice now. Whoever did this should not be able to get away with it."

Gareth's house, which he shares with his father Billy Bouse, 53, was cordoned off by police officers after the attack.

An investigation is now underway.

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "It was reported to police that two men wearing balaclavas and armed with what is thought to have been a hammer and machete, forced entry into a property on Princess Street, Woodlands, Doncaster and attacked one of the occupants before fleeing the property.

"The 24-year-old victim sustained a broken elbow and injuries to his arms, hands and face in the attack.

"Officers are currently investigating the incident and have gathered forensic evidence from the property to identify potential lines of enquiry."

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.