BREAKING: Sheffield woman found guilty of murder of man at flat

Craig Wild was murdered on August 25, 2016
Craig Wild was murdered on August 25, 2016

A woman has been found guilty of the brutal murder of a defenceless man in her Sheffield flat.

Alison Moss, 46, and David Webster, 49, killed Craig Wild at Walkley on August 25, 2016.

A floral tribute at the scene of the murder

A floral tribute at the scene of the murder

Webster pleaded guilty to murder at an earlier hearing.

Mr Wild, 49, was stabbed and kicked to death by the pair. He was found with 117 wounds.

Half of those were described as 'slash' wounds.

Moss remained calm this afternoon at Sheffield Crown Court when the verdict was read out.

Wearing a green jacket and grey headband, she offered no reaction from the dock.

The court had been told of the shocking details surrounding the incident.

Moss had claimed she had been sat on the settee during the incident, shielding her hands with her face while Webster murdered Mr Wild.

She also claimed she had slipped on blood while trying to escape, and fell onto Mr Wild.

Mr Wild had given Moss the nickname 'Slasher' after she had attacked him with a knife on a previous occasion.

Moss claimed Webster said to Mr Wild he would kill him with his own knife.

“David said to Craig ‘I hope that’s a knife in your pocket. There’s something you need to know about me. I’m like Zorro, I’ll kill you with your own knife’,” she said.

The exchange happened shortly before the 15-minute attack.

Pathologist evidence said Mr Wild had been kicked several times by people wearing two different pairs of Adidas trainers.

Tomorrow, she and Webster will be sentenced for the crime.

The Honourable Mr Justice Holgate today thanked jurors for their service.

"It's an immensely important social service you provide," he said.

Earlier, the judge had told the public gallery to remain calm while the verdict was read out.