BREAKING: Sheffield opposition councillors walk out of meeting in protest

Liberal Democrat, Green and UKIP councillors have walked out of a full council meeting in protest.
Empty chairs in the council chamberEmpty chairs in the council chamber
Empty chairs in the council chamber

All of the 25 councillors making up the opposition today walked out in support of Green councillor Alison Teal who was threatened to be thrown out of the council chamber in Sheffield Town Hall.

The Star understands Ms Teal said Coun Bryan Lodge, cabinet member for the environment, had 'misled' the public on the council's controversial tree felling programme.

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Councillors voted 49 to 21 in favour of expelling her from the meeting. Opposition councillors did not return to the chamber.

Ms Teal, a Nether Edge councillor, was arrested during a protest over tree felling back in February on Chippinghouse Road. She was initially charged but had the case dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Labour councillor Neale Gibson, who represents the Walkley ward said: "‏Coun Teal refuses to withdraw an accusation of a cabinet member misleading the Council, is ejected by the Lord Mayor.

"Now UKIP and Lib Dems have insulted the Lord Mayor and walked out. Completely disgraceful behaviour towards the first Citizen of Sheffield."

Ms Teal told The Star: "I was a bit shook up by it but I was speaking the truth. These are the facts as I see them.

"If they want to expel me for that then so be it."