Breaking: Man guilty of Sheffield baseball bat murder

The scene of the murder
The scene of the murder
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A man who beat his former friend to death with a baseball bat in broad daylight in a Sheffield park has been jailed for life and ordered to serve at least 20 years behind bars.

Nawzad Kamal, aged 39, showed no emotion as he was found guilty of battering Bahman Yusif Amin, 33, to death, by a jury at Sheffield Crown Court.

The jury took just three hours to convict Kamal, of Montfort Drive, Pitsmoor, of the savage killing.

Sentencing him to life imprisonment and telling him he would have to serve at least 20 years behind bars, Mr Justice Keith said: “This wasn’t just murder, it was carnage.”

The court heard the two men, who were both Iraqi Kurds, were best of friends until they fell out over a woman and Mr Amin insulted Kamal’s dead mother.

Simon Waley QC, prosecuting, said on the day of the killing they had argued on the telephone and then agreed to meet up.

He said: “The beating went on for some time and involved multiple heavy blows, many of which were to the head.

“Bahman Amin was unable to put up any resistance. For the majority he was lying face-up on the ground.

“A number of witnesses saw this attack taking place, but none felt able to stop what was happening.

“One, who telephoned the police, managed to record a part of the attack on his digital camera.

“In the footage that has been recovered, the defendant can be seen to deliver 28 blows with the baseball bat - 11 were to the area of the head.”

The jury heard Kamal was seen ‘smirking and laughing’ during the attack opposite his home in Montfort Drive, Pitsmoor, in July.

Mr Waley said: “It was a constant, sustained attack, one he stopped and walked away from, looking around Montfort Drive almost appearing to enjoy the fact people were watching him.”

When he finished he calmly walked back to his flat dropping the bloodstained baseball bat in a bin, Mr Waley said.

The court heard the men had been friends, but fell out after Mr Amin propositioned Kamal’s ex girlfriend on Facebook.

Mr Waley said in September 2012, Kamal then started a relationship with Mr Amin’s former partner Gemma Bush with whom he had a son.

He said Mr Amin became aware of the relationship, causing further bad blood between them.

Kamal argued he’d been acting in self defence and momentary lost control.

Mr Justice Keith told him he would only be released when he was no longer a risk to the public.