Bravery of the highest order

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IT takes a special kind of man to risk his life so another may live.

Private Tim Farrow is that man, a Sheffield medic who ran into a minefield to save three members of the Afghan National Army after an IED blast.

He was on tour in Afghanistan when a landmine was triggered, causing devastation.

Faced with a scene of death and destruction, Pte Farrow made a truly brave decision.

Unconcerned for his own safety, he ran into the minefield and dragged three survivors out of an irrigation trench to safety.

He then kept all three men alive until a helicopter arrived to fly them clear.

Deservedly, he will be awarded the Joint Commander’s Commendation for bravery next month.

His mum Alison and dad Keith are ‘unspeakably proud’. They have every right to be.

Their son deserves to be hailed a hero for showing nerves of steel and a regard for human life which only the few can muster. Pte Farrow is a credit to them, this city and the Army.

Jessop decision the way forward

AFTER much debate, Sheffield University’s plan to turn the former Jessop Hospital site into an engineering block will go ahead.

This is because Communities Secretary Eric Pickles decided not to ‘call in’ for review the planning permission granted by Sheffield Council.

Campaigners who wanted to save the building say they are disgusted because the decision ignores a 4,000-signature petition they collected.

But it does not ignore the massive investment the university wants to make in engineering. This field has brought the university much success, which in turn is good for the city.

A vibrant and thriving centre for engineering is better than a historic but empty building.

We look forward to this building adding to Sheffield’s reputation for engineering excellence.

Pete’s Chippy rules

CONGRATULATIONS to Pete’s Chippy, the finest friary in Sheffield.

That was the verdict in our Best Chippy competition which you helped determine. Hundreds of you nominated a chippy and the experts plumped for Pete’s, which they couldn’t fault.

High praise indeed for this family-run firm which continues to serve its community so well.