Boys lop locks off for charity

Son locks off locks for mum
Son locks off locks for mum
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A Sheffield mum is proud as punch after her son locked off his locks to raise funds in support of her debilitating condition.

Samantha Cleasby was touched when her 10-year-old son Thom decided to cut off his long hair to raise money for Crohns and Colitis UK - the charity that has supported Samantha since she was first diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2003.

Sam, aged 34, told The Star: “Thom had beautiful long hair that he had been growing for a few years and I was so proud when he suggested the gesture. His best friend Sonny - whose mum has struggled to get him to have so much as a trim in the past - had the chop too and both boys raised £400. They’re incredible kids.”

Samantha was diagnosed with her condition soon after giving birth to her second child, aged just 22.

She recalled: “It was horrendous. I’d been getting stomach cramps for a while and then, one day, the toilet bowl was filled with blood. I was terrified and convinced I was dying of cancer.

“In 2013 I had a colectomy and ileostomy and then, in 2014, had more surgery.

“It has been a really difficult few years and my children have had a stressful and upsetting time seeing me go through surgeries and treatments, but I’m so proud of the way they’ve handled it.”

Crohns and Colitis UK provide advice, support and help to the almost 300,000 people suffering in the UK with IBD.

Thom added: “I wanted to do this because my mum has suffered with lots of pain with her surgeries and it’s been very hard for me because I didn’t get to see her much and, when I did, she was feeling ill and it made me sad.

“I wanted to help the charity that helped my mum so they can help others too.”