Boy killed riding on handlebars

Josh Trowell who died in a road smash in October 2010
Josh Trowell who died in a road smash in October 2010
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A BOY riding on the handle-bars of his faulty mountain bike suffered fatal injuries when it careered into the path of a car, an inquest heard.

Twelve-year-old Josh Trowell was sitting in front of his pal, Will Bradley, who was standing up as he pedalled the bike, which had no front brake and a faulty back brake.

Tracey Bullas, a police officer based at Ecclesfield, Sheffield, had told the boys to get off the road shortly before the collision on October 29 last year.

Ms Bullas, who was off-duty and tending horses she kept at Shuttlewood, near Bolsover, said the bike had shot across the road in front of her car at around 4.40pm.

She learned about the collision soon afterwards.

Renault Clio driver Robert McCartney said he was driving along Woodthorpe Road, Shuttlewood, at about 40mph - the speed limit - when an oncoming vehicle passed and then the bike ‘suddenly appeared from nowhere’.

He said he had no time to take evasive action and the bike struck the front offside of his car on his side of the road.

Mr McCartney then saw both boys lying in the road and called emergency services.

He told the inquest the bike may have been hidden from his view by the passing car but the incident was ‘a blur’.

Christine Jordan was driving along Bentinck Road to the junction with Woodthorpe Road when she saw the boys ride downhill and then coast diagonally towards Bentinck Road.

“Josh was on the handle-bars. Will was stood up with his feet on the pedals. I think Will saw me and changed his direction,” said Ms Jordan, of Bentinck Road.

“The Clio didn’t appear to be speeding. I heard an impact and saw both boys go up into the air, higher than the car.”

She and her passenger son Declan tried to help the pair before paramedics arrived. She said Will was dazed and Josh ‘wasn’t looking good’.

Ms Jordan added that she had seen the pair going up and down the hill ‘doing stunts and things’ on previous occasions.

Josh, of Chesterfield Road, Shuttlewood, was taken to a Sheffield hospital by air ambulance and was declared dead there that day.

He had died from multiple injuries.

His friend Will was treated in hospital and was later released.

Police checks found defects on the bike which contributed to the collision.

Its front brake was missing and the rear brake was out of adjustment and ineffective.

The bike also had low tyre pressure which, combined with the extra weight it was carrying, made it more difficult to manoeuvre.

Deputy North Derbyshire Coroner Nigel Anderson recorded a verdict of accidental death.