Boy, 3, scarred for life after dog attack in pub

Trafford-James Jackson-Poole, who has been attacked by an Akita dog.
Trafford-James Jackson-Poole, who has been attacked by an Akita dog.
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A THREE-YEAR-OLD boy has been left scarred for life after needing 100 stitches in his face when he was viciously savaged by a Japanese Akita.

Toddler Trafford-James Jackson-Poole has been left struggling to smile after being mauled by the huge dog while out with his family.

Mum Gemma Jackson, aged 28, is now calling for the dog to be destroyed to prevent other attacks.

She said the family were getting ready to leave a local pub when their son wandered into another room and was attacked by the Akita.

Gemma said: “I heard a barking noise and then Trafford-James came in holding his face. He was screaming and covered in blood. The akita had ripped a chunk out of his face.

“It all happened so quickly and the first thing I thought was: ‘Is he going to die?’ I was in complete shock.”

Trafford-James was kept in hospital for 24 hours after surgery on his cheek and treatment for a fractured eye socket.

He will need a further operation on Thursday, January 24, to correct his damaged skin.

Gemma, of Newbold, Chesterfield, who has another son Jordan, 11, said: “I heard the same dog attacked another child. This should never have been allowed to happen.”

Gemma said they had seen the dog a few times in the pub and the day before it had growled at a customer, but it was always behind the bar.

She said: “For Trafford to have to live with a scar on his face for the rest of his life over something that could have so easily been prevented makes me so angry. To ensure this doesn’t keep happening, the dog needs to be destroyed.”

Doctors are hopeful Trafford-James has not suffered nerve damage, but will not know until the swelling subsides.

He was rushed to Sheffield Children’s Hospital after Chesterfield Hospital considered his injuries so serious he needed specialist treatment.

The attack, on Sunday, December 30, at The Nags Head pub, Newbold, at about 5.30pm, has had a devastating impact on the tot.

Gemma said: “Trafford-James has been quiet since it happened and not himself.

“He won’t go near dogs now and is scared when he hears them barking.

“Because the scarring has caused so much swelling, he is really struggling to smile.

“There’s so much dead skin around the injury it’s causing the scar to turn black.

“His operation at the end of this month will hopefully be able to remove some of that. The doctors are hopeful he will make a good recovery, but they won’t be able to say for sure for a week or two.

“He’s a strong little boy and we’re so proud of how he’s coping, but I can see that it’s really affected him.”

Derbyshire Police said enquiries are continuing into the incident.

Marston’s, the brewery which owns The Nags Head, refused to comment on the incident.