Boxing legend thanks workers for patching up the pavements

brendan ingle with the workmen
brendan ingle with the workmen
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COMMUNITY-spirited Brendan Ingle popped out of his gym to thank workmen for their efforts repairing potholes on the pavements around his suburb.

Brendan, famous for getting out and about with his boxers clearing litter and keeping Wincobank tidy, met a team from contractor Colas, which has been carrying out repairs on behalf of the council.

The trainer, based at St Thomas’s Club on Newman Road, said: “The lads from Colas are doing an absolutely fantastic job on the pavements around here.

“It’s amazing what a difference it is making. The pavements have been patched up so many times that when you see the new surface it completely lifts the area.”

Resident Hugh Kelly said: “You can see it’s already making a big difference to the area – we are all delighted.

“I was chatting to the lads when Brendan turned up to say thanks – they were all boxing fans and one was an ex-boxer!”