Boxer kicks up a stink after foul play at Sheffield children’s exercise spot

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Sheffield dog walkers have created a fouling ‘mine field’ by letting their pets defecate at a spot where children exercise and play.

Glyn Rhodes MBE, who trains youngsters at the Sheffield Boxing Centre in Hillsborough, said the car park area they have been using for drills and circuits has become ‘absolutely disgusting’.

The car park, next to the Old School Building on Burton Street, has been built due to the increasing popularity of the services provided in the building.

It is yet to be officially opened. While it is empty and cars are unable to park there, Glyn has allowed the children who use the boxing centre to train out there and play games.

He said: “Early in the morning and late at night, when no one can see what’s going on, people are walking their dogs and letting them foul in the car park. It’s not just a little bit either.

“People are bringing their dogs down and not picking their mess up. It’s absolutely disgusting.

“It’s not even open yet so I dread to think what it will be like when it’s officially open.

“We have kids running up and down and doing various exercises, playing football, running, sprinting, being active and it’s like a mine field.”

The new, gravelled car park has about 20 spaces and will be used by people attending activities at the boxing centre and the Burton Street Foundation, which specialises in supporting adults and older children with learning and physical difficulties.

Glyn said: “To these dog walkers I would say, ‘Pick up your dog mess.’

“We have got kids playing here. How would they like it if we let our dogs do their business on their garden where their kids are playing?”