Bouncers turned Sheffield Hallam student with cerebral palsy away from Yates because he 'sounded too drunk'

Yates York - / Steven Schofield
Yates York - / Steven Schofield
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A Sheffield Hallam student said he was refused entry into a Yates bar after the bouncers mistook his cerebral palsy for 'sounding too drunk'.

Reece Goodwin, a sports development student at Hallam, was out on in York with his friends on Saturday night when they went to Yates.

However, the 21-year-old was refused entry into the bar, claiming that the security team deemed him 'too drunk' due to his speech impediment and lack of balance.

He also claimed that, after disclosing his condition, a security guard replied 'I don't think you have' before asking to see his medical records as proof.

Posting on Twitter, Reece said: "Yet another act of ignorance and discrimination at @YorkYates . Security refusing entry due to having cerebral palsy as I sounded too drunk due to my speech impediment and my lack of balance #isthisfair?"

Cerebral palsy is a lifelong condition which affects movement and coordination and is caused by a problem with the brain that occurs before, during or soon after birth.

Reece, from Rotherham, contacted Yates on Twitter about the issue and then uploaded a picture of their reply.

In the message, a Yates York spokesperson said: "We can confirm that we did challenge you on entry into our establishment on the conditions of the door staff believing you were under the influence of alcohol.

"However, much later it was then explained to us that you had cerebral palsy, however by this point the refusal was not to do with yourself bu two women's behaviour in your party.

"If you are wanting to contact us directly to speak about the matter, then please call site, where the manager present at the time can speak to you with his unbiased opinion on the event and doorstaff present."

A Yates spokesperson told the Star: "Whilst there was initial confusion regarding the gentleman’s condition, the entry refusal was made due to the behaviour of other party members.

"We have already apologised directly for the original misjudgment and will conduct refresher training with staff following this incident."