Bottle up irritation

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One in four people admit they have smuggled liquids through airport security.

Most have done in unintentionally, but four per cent have confessed to flight comparison site Skyscanner that they have done it deliberately.

How utterly thick and selfish are these people?

We all think the 100ml rule is a total pain. But you live with it, don’t you?

You either stick the suncreams in the suitcase and fret all the way to the airport about the luggage scales, or you faff around, decanting stuff into teeny plastic bottles. Because, clearly, safety is far more important than having your favourite perfume or jumbo bottle of body lotion to hand mid-air.

If we all decided to ignore the law and do as we please, airport security systems would grind to a halt.

As it is, it’s hard enough for the staff to spot every single contraband bottle- otherwise 28 per cent of us wouldn’t be getting away with it.

The ultimate answer would be more sophisticated security technology; devices which can tell an innocent bottle of water from liquid explosive, installed at every airport.

But you can bet your life that, somehow, your ticket to two weeks of freedom would end up costing more.