Both wrong in their comments

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george Day and Frank Hardy are both incorrect in their comments on my letter (Aug 19).

Mr Day suggests I in some way threaten to have his house and those of others pulled down to build new ones. I have neither the authority nor desire to have good homes demolished. To the best of my knowledge there are no plans to demolish any houses in Arbourthorne. I believe there are plans to build new ones on spare land.

The previous Government promised Sheffield council money towards the cost. That promise has now been withdrawn by the coalition.

As for Mr Hardy, what can I say! Far from being asleep for 15 years, I am very much awake and both politically and publicly aware.

Ken Curran, Birley Labour Party

Distressing to move residents

i AGREE with Maureen Atkin over the closure of Kirkhill Resource Centre.

How many more residential homes are to close?

Making residents to move to new accommodation is very distressing. When this huge decision was made to move into residential care, many thought that would be their last move.

Residents get used to staff and other residents who many see as their new family.

Separating them causes much distress and many don’t survive.

When is the council going to care and stop moving the elderly around like they are parcels?

Good luck Maureen in your new home.

SL, Waterthorpe

No help at desk

I can’t help wonder why on earth rent staff at Howden House got the sack. Whenever one goes to the help desk (no help) one is told to use a free phone nearby. Now I’ve seen around four staff behind this counter and all they do is tell you to use the phone, You don’t need an upstart to tell you this. These help staff should be employed to take our rent instead of passing you off.

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