Bosses investigate after pregnant Derbyshire woman is ‘intimidated’ by bus driver

Victoria Sweetmore and her two-year-old daughter.
Victoria Sweetmore and her two-year-old daughter.
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An investigation is underway after a pregnant woman was allegedly intimidated by a bus driver – in a row over parking.

Victoria Sweetmore had parked in a space behind a van on Highfield Road, Newbold, at the start of the month to go and visit a friend.

Mum-of-two Victoria said she was helping her two-year-old daughter out of the car when the alleged half-hour incident happened.

She said: “The Stagecoach bus suddenly swung around the corner of the road, far over on the wrong side of the road, and pulled up inches from where my daughter was standing. The driver was blasting his horn and gesticulating wildly.

“I was bemused about why he seemed so angry as I was parked perfectly legally and sensibly. It seems to me that he just wanted to intimidate us to prove some kind of point, although I’m not really sure what it was. All he needed to do was reverse a few feet and take the corner better.

“I found his whole manner very threatening and intimidating – having several tonnes of bus pull up inches from you and your child like that is very unpleasant and I felt very vulnerable, especially as I’m six months pregnant.”

Victoria and her daughter went inside her friend’s house while the driver – who apparently claimed Victoria had parked “illegally” – phoned the police.

Victoria said officers attended, helped the bus driver successfully negotiate the corner and confirmed she had not parked illegally.

A Stagecoach spokesman said: “We were very concerned to hear about this incident and we have been in touch with Victoria to apologise for the upset this has caused her and her daughter.

“We expect very high standards from our driving team. Our customers and other road users have a right to expect our drivers to behave in a safe and professional manner at all times.

“We are carrying out an investigation into the circumstances involved, including a review of our on-board CCTV system, and we have identified the driver of the bus.

“The incident is being dealt with as part of our internal disciplinary procedure and we will take appropriate action as necessary.”