Boss should have been given another season

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Living in Holland and being a fan of the Blades, I was gutted when I read Nigel Clough had been sacked.

He was, in my mind, the best manager for the Blades since the dismissal of Neil Warnock.

I also had a lot of respect for Danny Wilson.

All the talk, in print, of change of direction is required, is purely a smoke screen.

The management want to be successful and have stated that promotion is the aim; as it is with any club.

On saying this they now have to find a new front man to put them on the right road. Names are being mentioned of course.

The management seem to be putting the cart in front of the horse… sack Clough and then look for a good alternative.

One springs to mind with enough experience and knowledge of the game.

And that is Steve McClaren.

Whether he would step down to division one is a big ask, but he’s now available and ready to go.

Nigel Clough should have been given another season at least.

His record speaks for itself and cannot, in my eyes, be bettered... that is until the new front man can obtain promotion of course.

Only time will tell!

Brian M. Spedding

Riviersingel, GG TEGELEN, NL