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How dare Julie Dore say bins are full of fresh air?

I’d like to see her come round my house on a bin night. In our house, with three little ’uns, our bins are full to the brim. It’s fine for people living alone or couples in posh flats but it’s a different case for hard working families.

I presume Coun Dore will be coming round to my house personally to pick up my extra rubbish?

Gwen Smith, Norfolk Park

I WAS born in the era BBB – before black bins.

In those days we had weekly collections, of one bin, much smaller than the current black bins.

I am confident that the total capacity of my black bin, my blue bin and my blue box is more than twice that of the potty little bin of the past and should really not need to be emptied every week.

Obviously for some people, such as those living in flats or with large families, alternative arrangements may be needed, but the rest of us? Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, or rather, the rubbish.

Viv Tynley

I CAN see the logic of axing weekly bin collections. It will be more money in the kitty to keep the chief executive and Lord Mayor with chauffeur-driven luxury cars.

EB Warris, S14

I find it difficult to understand why there has been so much opposition to fortnightly collections. My bin and many of my neighbours’ are not full every week. I put mine out fortnightly anyway.

Other authorities have fortnightly bin collections eg our neighbours Rotherham and Barnsley and have done for a while and people seem to manage very well.

We now have two bins and a box for our various types of rubbish. However did we manage when we just had the one bin which was much smaller than the current one?

And when we had the brown paper bin there were no complaints, as I remember.

Surely with the country in such a mess there are more important issues to focus on.

Joyce Wright, Chapeltown