Boozed-up builder broke customer’s front teeth

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A BOOZY builder fuming over a debt stormed into a customer’s home and attacked him, a court heard.

Victim Sean Burke’s partner, Sarah Wagstaff, was also assaulted by Royce Layden, who is now facing jail.

Mr Burke told police he paid Layden £1,500 for improvements to his home in North View Street, Bolsover, but held back £800 because he was unhappy with the quality of the work.

Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, said Layden agreed to do the work when the pair saw each other in New Bolsover social club.

Mr Burke was at home when he received a text from a friend stating: “Watch yourself. Royce is on the prowl.”

Mr Burke was watching television with Ms Wagstaff when Layden, 48, burst into the property and attacked Mr Burke.

Mr Burke called police and Layden left, saying: “You’ve got two days to give me my money”.

Two of Mr Burke’s front teeth were knocked out and another was knocked backwards, Chesterfield Magistrates heard.

Ms Wagstaff told police the incident had left her feeling unsafe in her own home.

Layden told police there was a dispute over a £1,300 debt.

He said he drank about 17 bottles of brown ale and got ‘wound up’ when a man told him in a pub he wouldn’t be getting the rest of the money.

He said he went to talk to Mr Burke and collect some tools and claimed Mr Burke swore at him.

Layden, of Adin Avenue, Shuttlewood, admitted the assaults. He denied charges of forcibly entering premises and witness intimidation but was convicted following a trial.

He will be sentenced at Derby Crown Court next year.